Ongoing Investiture Achievement (AY Class Level) Activities

Knot Tying Instruction (Friend-Guide) - Event Ribbons given for completion

Scripture Memorization (Friend-Guide) - Event Ribbons given for completion

Church History - PF Heritage Museum (Friend, Ranger)


Honor Instruction

While at the NPUC Camporee many clubs and Pathfinders would like to see the beach and sites around Astoria such as Fort Stevens. But there are options to see these sites while earning an honor. We are going to provide clubs information to complete requirements of the following honors if they preregister with us so that we can have sufficient materials. To participate in an honor at the Camporee, you must preplan with Rod Bardell, Honors Coordinator. You can contact him at

This honor can be completed in the following methods.

1. At their club meetings, Pathfinders learn about the definitions, behaviors, skills and carve their stamp. At the Camporee we will give you a copy of the clues and a map to find Letterboxes in the area. This method is preferred and will give you the most time finding boxes. Bring an ink pad.

2. For those who have carved a stamp, but haven’t gone over the requirements, we will have classes at 9 and 9:30 am Friday going over the requirements and then give you the clues. Bring an ink pad.

3. For a $1 fee per person, we will have a stamp carving class at 9:30 and 10 am Friday. Classes are limited to the first 15 Pathfinders per class so contact us. Each Pathfinder must bring a 2” x 2” drawing of the stamp they want to carve.

Clubs should teach most of the requirements before the Camporee. A short class will be held at 9 am Friday to review the highlights of the honor and what you should look for at a lighthouse. A map will be given to each club for them to locate and visit nearby lighthouses. Four lighthouses in the area (need 1 more to complete the honor)

Limited to the first 15 to pre-register, one class at 9 am on Friday. You will be required to go to the beach to complete the honor.

Limited to the first 20 to pre-register, one class at 9am on Friday. The Washington Conference will help you will build a kite and go over the honor requirements at camp, then off to the beach to try them out.

The Idaho Conference will help you complete the Geocaching honor by two methods. If possible, bring your own GPS unit, but we have a few GPS units clubs can check out.

1. Your club completes the written requirements before you come. The coordinates to find the geocaches will be provided to your club at the Camporee.

2. One class will be held at 9 am Friday morning covering the Geocaching requirements. The geocache location information will then be provided.    

Japanese Tsunami Beach Clean Up

All Pathfinder clubs are invited to participate in the beach clean up that will be held at Fort Stevens beach between parking lots A and B on Sabbath afternoon from 2:00-4:00 pm. Clubs are welcome to come and go as they please, but each club must provide supervision for its members. Trash bags will be provided, but clubs are recommended to bring gloves.