Ministry Training

Ministry Training is not for the sake of education alone, but also for experiencing new perspectives and ideas in your ministry area. The experience of working through a prescribed curriculum is always a personal growth experience – sometimes for the positive – sometimes for the negative – but always a learning experience. Taking a seminar or workshop can create new paradigms and insights that one would never have received alone.

If you are not currently working on the next step in your ministry training, it is time to start again. Consider Pathfinder Basic Staff Training (BST) as a starting point. Follow BST by becoming a Master Guide (MG). After that, if you have never considered the Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA) go for it. And if teaching is one of your interests then the Pathfinder Instructor’s Award (PIA) may be for you.

You could broaden your ministry training to other areas such as Adventurer Ministry Basic Staff Training, Youth Emergency Services training, or Youth Leadership training. These trainings help create new ministry perspectives and bring you into association with other supportive leaders.

Consider pursuing some type of Leadership Training this year. Take your next step!

Pathfinder Basic Staff Training (BST)

The Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Course is designed to develop awareness in leaders of the basic fundamentals of the Pathfinder Club. It helps Pathfinder staff, teachers, and parents become familiar with the procedures, policies, and resources necessary to organize and maintain a Pathfinder Club. Participants will attend 11 training seminars conducted under the direction of Oregon Conference Pathfinder Ministries personnel. This training will include lectures, discussions, and personal study

Master Guide (MG)

Master Guide Ministry training is the only world-wide lay-ministry training course in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The purpose of the Master Guide curriculum is to develop spiritual lay-leaders for ministry. The Master Guide curriculum is designed for youth ages 16 and older and adults. You as a participant must have already completed one of the following Basic Staff Training courses: Adventurers, Pathfinders, Youth Emergency Services, or Youth Ministries. The areas of study for Master Guide training include: Spiritual Development, Skills Development, Child Development, Leadership Development, and Fitness Lifestyle Development. You are encouraged to complete this course over a three year period. Master Guide ministry training is facilitated by the Oregon Conference Youth Ministries Department.

Pathfinder Leadership Award (PLA)

The Pathfinder Leadership Award curriculum takes the Pathfinder Club concepts of the Basic Staff Training course and combines it with the spiritual components of the Master Guide curriculum, a learning experience of leading a Pathfinder Ministry. You must have already completed the Basic Staff Training course and also been invested as a Master Guide. You are encouraged to complete the PLA course over a three year period. The areas of study include: Administration and Human Relations, Camp Planning & Programming, Pathfinder & Community Ministry, Resource Materials, Pathfinder Drill & Ceremonies, Outdoor Education, and Philosophy & Purpose of Recreation. Your PLA training experience will equip you with skills, tools, and techniques to maximize your spiritual leadership talents.

Pathfinder Instructor’s Award (PIA)

This course is training for Pathfinder staff who feel their calling to provide instruction for the many seminars necessary for the training of other Pathfinder staff. The emphasis is on the training of PIA candidates to become qualified instructors for Pathfinder Basic Staff Training, Master Guide training, Pathfinder Leadership Award training, and Pathfinder Instructor’s Award training. You as a PIA candidate must have already completed the Basic Staff Training course, been invested as a Master Guide, and received your Pathfinder Leadership Award. You are encouraged to complete the PIA course over a three year period. The areas of study include: Leadership Growth, Management Skills, Training Skills, Presentation Skills, Teaching Practicum, and Personal Spiritual Growth. Your PIA training experience will equip you with skills, tools, and techniques to maximize your spiritual teaching abilities.